Top things to do in Barcelona

The second largest city of Barcelona is one of the most beautiful ones as well. The city is mainly known for its amazing architecture that is expanded to every inch and is also a cultural hub. Often called as the place that never sleeps, Barcelona has something very special. Though the city gained its worldwide popularity with its FC Barcelona football team, one just cannot overlook the beauty that it possesses. If you are planning to discover the hidden beauty of Barcelona, then look out for your stay in any vacation rentals in Barcelona.

Before you make your way to Barcelona, you should know about the most famous places in the city and things that you can enjoy while on your trip to the city. It saves a lot of time and you exactly know what you are looking forward to your trip. There are plenty of places that you should visit, but try to include just the top ones in your list because exploring all of them would be impossible in a few days trip. Added to this, you cannot just miss on the things that you can only experience in Barcelona.  Today, we are sharing some of the top things that you must experience in the city.

Discovering the history of the city

Every place has its own history that makes it special and different from others. Any trip to any place is just incomplete without learning its history. How would you relish the beauty without knowing the reason that played an important part in its making and breaking? Barcelona is too a city that has its own history and that makes it stand apart from the rest of the places. You can learn all the important facts and details of Barcelona history in Meseu d’Historia de Barcelona. The museum has kept all the historical heritage of Barcelona on display. The museum is really big and you need to spend quite a time here to go through all of them. There are different locations within the museum like Temple d’August, Placa Del Rei, Refugi 307, and the Call. Each has something different to tell you about the history of the place.

  • Relishing the architectural beauty

As mentioned earlier too, Barcelona is the city filled with beautiful architecture. Even if you know a little about the architecture, this city will make you fall in love with them. One of the most famous architects Antonio Gaudi has gifted this city his art in the extravaganza. Every corner is the city is the manifestation of Antonio’s art and your site won’t be able to get over them. Of all he has gifted the city with, the most famous and beautiful ones are Casa Batllo and La Pedrera, and undoubtedly Sagrada Familia. Other than Gaudi, there is much other beautiful architecture that the city has and a few of them that you must visit are Gothic Quarter in Gothic Cathedral and Las Ramblas.

  • Trying Barcelona cuisine

Food is the center attraction of any city or country you visit because it reflects the very essence. You probably won’t get the same food cooked in the same way that it is done in its authentic way. Barcelona has its share of some local cuisine too that you can only find here. Just take your time out and roam around the city, look for a pocket-friendly restaurant, and order some local food. Tapas is one of the best places that are famous for serving the best seafood.

  • Take a walk around the city

When you know that a place is an architectural delight in every inch, you shouldn’t just waste your entire time to visit the famous monuments.  Barcelona is an architectural paradise and the best way to discover this paradise is exploring it while taking a walk around the city. You will come across many buildings and corners that might make their way into your heart. They haven’t gained much name as the famous monuments but they indeed deserve to be looked upon and get cherished.

  • Spend a day at the beach

You may have seen everyone emphasizing the architectural beauty of Barcelona, but there are a few more places that the city has and you must hit them. Barcelona also has a beach where you can spend a day. Away from the chaos of city life and daily trivial chores, spend some “me-time” at Barcelona beach.

  • Experience Barcelona’s nightlife

When you are done with experiencing the beauty of the city in the daytime, it is time that you get yourself indulged into the never-seen-before nightlife of Barcelona. You will never find Barcelona sleeping and at nights, the streets transform itself completely. There are many bars, discs, and pubs in the city and you must experience the enthusiasm the people have here. If you are not a party animal, then you can opt for the less crowded place and you must go to some Irish pubs or Catalan ones. These pubs have slow music going in the background and you will just love the ambiance.