Traveling without knowing the language

What if you know English at the elementary school level or you don’t know it at all? It is a little better if you speak Spanish, French or German instead. And it’s worse when, apart from your native language, you do not speak any other one, of course, it’s bad, but not critical. In most cases, you will do with knowing some basic words or using an online translator, how to do it properly? That is what we are going to talk about.

As usual, only experience will help you cope with situations that appear during traveling. There will be times when you prefer to be left alone with a broken tap in the shower rather than require it to be repaired at the reception simply because you do not know how to do it. But in no case should you give up. For example, are russian girls easy find a common language with other people without perfect knowledge of the language.

Rule 1. Do not panic

Panic instantly kills not only the ability to think and make the right decisions, but also to perceive external information.

Rule 2. Sign Language

Do not forget that you can always show what you need, at least gestures to show you want a drink or seek for a place to sleep are the same around the world. As a last resort, help yourself with your native language. There is a probability of 90% that you will be understood.

Rule 3. Draw pictures

Here helps a notebook, which you should always have with yourself and a pencil. Write numbers and draw simple sketches.

Rule 4. Preparation is the key

Write down the most popular phrases that can be useful. Phrases can be taken from the Internet. For example:

“How can I get to?”, “How much do you take for the night?” or “Where is the nearest night club?”

Works in 100% of cases. This method is especially good in non-English speaking countries.

Rule 5. Look for places where people speak your native language

It’s easy to find places where they speak your language. In most countries, even the most exotic, you can find a Russian-speaking driver or a Spanish neighborhood, a local guide or hotel staff.

Rule 6. A fellow traveler who knows English (Portuguese, Spanish, French)

It is also easy, but you have to accept the fact that it will be, if not a package tour, then your independence will be limited by the desires of a fellow traveler. So choose between your friends in different countries who you know and trust and that are willing to help.

Rule 7. Learn a dozen words in English (Portuguese, Spanish, French)

Our favorite rule. It is unlikely that you will spend much time learning the main phrases in English or in any other language. In the end, there are phrasebooks, but it is better to learn the basic phrases by heart.

Rule 8. Travel to those countries that speak your language.

Georgia, the Baltic countries, Turkey or Egypt speak Russian, most American states know Spanish, etc. Asian countries residents will most probably know Chinese. Here you are guaranteed to feel comfortable.

Rule 9. Smile

This is the main rule. It can be used in combination with others, or as an independent rule. It works even when you do not need anything from others, just smile to people when traveling.

Rule 10. Finally learn English (Portuguese, French, German)

Without knowing any foreign language, you will not be able to discuss the results of a football match with the locals in the bar, express your admiration to the chef or meet people. Communication is an important part of the journey, do not deprive yourself of this pleasure.

How to travel with friends and not kill them

No matter how bosom friends you nd your pals may be, spending 24/7 with the same people is not easy. It happens that you go on travel being best friends, and returned as sworn enemies. So that a joint trip does not become your friendship’s trial, we collected some useful tips for people who often travel in large companies.

1. Face-control or selection of fellow travelers

First, decide who you want to travel with. Best drinking buddies are not always the best travel companions. Try to pick people with whom not all your meetings are accompanied by red semi-sweet on a stormy get-together. Choose people tested by time and situations, otherwise, you will be deeply disappointed because someone, for example, will not want to spend a couple of euros for a souvenir. Or when the time of paying the bill comes, it will turn out that they only accept cash here, and you have credit cards, but for some reason, your “best” drinking companion is not eager to help and pay your part of the bill. Travel can be a chance how to find a girl to marry.

2. Plan a route in advance

For some, the best kind of rest is to lie on the beach for hours, drinking a cocktail, while for other people it is time to visit about a dozen museums, galleries, and shops. We are all different, therefore, everyone has different expectations about the trip, that are most often quite egoistic. People do not try to step into your shoes, they spend money on traveling so that they can enjoy it. That is when you should discuss all details before the trip itself.

As a homework assignment, we advise you to pre-list a list of places to be visited and discuss it together deciding on the places of common interest. Try to take into account the desires of everyone, look for points of contact and make compromises. Do not be afraid to discuss every detail of the route – this will help to avoid a significant part of possible reasons for conflict already in the journey itself.

Discuss where you will sleep and what you will eat. If traveling by car – whether you take food with you or you will stop for a snack in a roadside cafe. Are you ready to sleep in tents or prefer to stay in hostels or apartments. Everything that may be obvious for you is unacceptable for others, so you should talk about it.

3. Discuss the budget

Perhaps this is the most unpleasant point of planning a journey. Nothing spoils people and the relationship between them like money. Pre-negotiate the amount that everyone is willing to spend in general. Every person still can decide how much to spend on shopping or souvenirs. But if one part of the group orders McDonald’s while the other one eats at restaurants, that will look strange. And the same amount of money for some can mean sleeping at hostels while others will eagerly save up on food and visit more sightseeing spots.

4. Day regimen The questions “What time do we get up?” And “When do we go to bed?” should be also better discussed in advance. For some, it is easy to get up at 6 in the morning and be the first to stand in line for the Eiffel Tower, while for others getting up early is a strain. One will want to spend the night away in bars and local eateries, the other one needs to get enough sleep so as not to feel barely alive in the morning.

Top things to do in Barcelona

The second largest city of Barcelona is one of the most beautiful ones as well. The city is mainly known for its amazing architecture that is expanded to every inch and is also a cultural hub. Often called as the place that never sleeps, Barcelona has something very special. Though the city gained its worldwide popularity with its FC Barcelona football team, one just cannot overlook the beauty that it possesses. If you are planning to discover the hidden beauty of Barcelona, then look out for your stay in any vacation rentals in Barcelona.

Before you make your way to Barcelona, you should know about the most famous places in the city and things that you can enjoy while on your trip to the city. It saves a lot of time and you exactly know what you are looking forward to your trip. There are plenty of places that you should visit, but try to include just the top ones in your list because exploring all of them would be impossible in a few days trip. Added to this, you cannot just miss on the things that you can only experience in Barcelona.  Today, we are sharing some of the top things that you must experience in the city.

Discovering the history of the city

Every place has its own history that makes it special and different from others. Any trip to any place is just incomplete without learning its history. How would you relish the beauty without knowing the reason that played an important part in its making and breaking? Barcelona is too a city that has its own history and that makes it stand apart from the rest of the places. You can learn all the important facts and details of Barcelona history in Meseu d’Historia de Barcelona. The museum has kept all the historical heritage of Barcelona on display. The museum is really big and you need to spend quite a time here to go through all of them. There are different locations within the museum like Temple d’August, Placa Del Rei, Refugi 307, and the Call. Each has something different to tell you about the history of the place.

  • Relishing the architectural beauty

As mentioned earlier too, Barcelona is the city filled with beautiful architecture. Even if you know a little about the architecture, this city will make you fall in love with them. One of the most famous architects Antonio Gaudi has gifted this city his art in the extravaganza. Every corner is the city is the manifestation of Antonio’s art and your site won’t be able to get over them. Of all he has gifted the city with, the most famous and beautiful ones are Casa Batllo and La Pedrera, and undoubtedly Sagrada Familia. Other than Gaudi, there is much other beautiful architecture that the city has and a few of them that you must visit are Gothic Quarter in Gothic Cathedral and Las Ramblas.

  • Trying Barcelona cuisine

Food is the center attraction of any city or country you visit because it reflects the very essence. You probably won’t get the same food cooked in the same way that it is done in its authentic way. Barcelona has its share of some local cuisine too that you can only find here. Just take your time out and roam around the city, look for a pocket-friendly restaurant, and order some local food. Tapas is one of the best places that are famous for serving the best seafood.

  • Take a walk around the city

When you know that a place is an architectural delight in every inch, you shouldn’t just waste your entire time to visit the famous monuments.  Barcelona is an architectural paradise and the best way to discover this paradise is exploring it while taking a walk around the city. You will come across many buildings and corners that might make their way into your heart. They haven’t gained much name as the famous monuments but they indeed deserve to be looked upon and get cherished.

  • Spend a day at the beach

You may have seen everyone emphasizing the architectural beauty of Barcelona, but there are a few more places that the city has and you must hit them. Barcelona also has a beach where you can spend a day. Away from the chaos of city life and daily trivial chores, spend some “me-time” at Barcelona beach.

  • Experience Barcelona’s nightlife

When you are done with experiencing the beauty of the city in the daytime, it is time that you get yourself indulged into the never-seen-before nightlife of Barcelona. You will never find Barcelona sleeping and at nights, the streets transform itself completely. There are many bars, discs, and pubs in the city and you must experience the enthusiasm the people have here. If you are not a party animal, then you can opt for the less crowded place and you must go to some Irish pubs or Catalan ones. These pubs have slow music going in the background and you will just love the ambiance.

Avast Cleanup Pro APK

Attacks are always dangerous. Be it virus invasions or system dysfunctional reasons, smooth and safe operations have some or the other obstacle to deviate them. the rate at which phones are used nowadays overtake those of all gadgets and all time periods as well. More utilization leads to more data and more data leads to more junk. All in all, let us understand that, adopting safety measures and ensuring the device’s protection stands more important.   

It is a natural human tendency to download and install a lot of games sand applications. Not everybody use all the installed apps on phone. So, as new apps get added to the list of them existing on your phone, the memory shrinks. Most of the operations on phone demand adequate memory for proper functioning. As memory deteriorates, operations either get slowed down or misbehave; both are disadvantageous.

More files and apps on your phone brings in more memory utilization and the same, is in turn held responsible for high amount of junk accumulation. Slowing down the speed of operation of the device. Not just that, junk in your phone causes it to hang very often.

As a solving formula for all such difficulties, Avast presents to all the android users, an app called Avast Cleanup Pro APK. The application is more like a weapon to fasten the functioning of your phone and to keep it clean and clear from junk. Just imagine manually deleting unwanted files, apps and other data from your phone. Isn’t it tedious?

Avast Cleanup Pro is the superhero which cleans your phone, clears the junk on timely basis and ensures its smooth and superfine functioning. The APK eases your work and does it all by itself. It frees space and speeds up the phone actions.

The application monitors the programs and processes running on your phone. It checks for the waste and unwanted data left behind by the threads, apps or programs which are either uninstalled but existing state, or rudimentary in action. The app acts as a cleaning advisor healing your phone. It works to clean up your phone efficiently, which further helps you not just fasten your phone’s actions or so, but also preventing it from experiencing harmful jerks and operational embarrassments.

What exactly is junk? It is a trending and critical problem that has to be addressed at present. Junk data could be that which is accumulated in the the cache, thumbnails, temp folder, residue, installed but unused files, uninstalled but existing files, apks and more. This unwanted data chokes your android and inhibits fast movement of apps and programs.

Alongside, the smart cleaning solution helps repair uncertainties and ensures smooth working of all the operations as a whole. This easy to use app fits the best of the standards. A tap can do the magical cleaning process. Avast Cleanup Pro leads the list of all the quintessential apps that your android must have.               

How to Buy Stylish Jumpers?

Men’s jumper is a firm fixture in the current fashion world. It is a fundamental part of men’s fashion. In this article, you can get basic information about stylish jumpers and tips to choose them.

Jumpers can be a fantastic addition to your wardrobe. They can suit all body types and occasions. They need not necessarily suit everyone, but it is important that every man has appropriate jumper during work or play.

There are several techniques involved in selecting the right kind of jumper for any situation, colour, and body type. The perfect jumper will again look good, feel good, and exude style. Here are the things to consider for finding the perfect jumper.

Perfect Fit

Starting from the basics, it is important for you to consider the fit when purchasing a new jumper. However, it is not simple to choose a jumper, which complements your physique. The whole task becomes little complicated. Generally, jumper is of a good fit, if you see any gap between skin and fabric.

Short Men

It is advised to choose jumpers with slight crop that finishes just above the hips. You may appear little taller with this finish.

Taller Men

You can wear jumpers that finish below hips; make sure that you never go for a tapered or a cropped one. It gives you a leggy look and it is often hated by the tall and slim men.

Designs and Colours

Your body shape and other attributes should inform the exact cut of jumper. Men with heavy jaw lines should wear crew neck jumpers. On the other hand, a V neck jumper does highlight the heavy jawline.

If you’re short, then you need to go with a V-neck. Flesh revealed by the skin creates an impression that nothing else can do more than a crew neck jumper. Men who are tall should opt for a crew neck.

When selecting the jumper colour, you need to make sure that it complements the skin tone. Pale skin does suit contrasting and bright colours, which certainly creates a washed out appearance. Dark skin jumpers are also available in bright colors and they also look very much great in pastels. Olive skins also look great in bright shades. It is better to avoid green and yellow colors as these highlight your skin color.

The jumper patterns are completely personal preference, but you need to remember that slimming, vertical, and horizontal stripes are not.

If you are planning to purchase men’s jumpers, then you can opt for Paul and Shark jumpers that come with best quality fabric. However, purchasing them online is quite better. You can browse and get to check out an extensive collection of all latest jumpers. You can also find wide range of colours and designs when purchasing via the internet. Follow the aforementioned tips and select the best jumpers that suit your body style.

The most effective Adventure Travel Locations!

Are you currently presently presently frustrated with needing to take a position every vacation going to your loved ones people? Are you currently presently presently frustrated with needing to sit down back around the couch watching television together with your folks since they’ve already made you are feeling bad about selecting another factor for your vacation time? It’s difficult to get rid of people feelings of guilt. At the same time, considering achieve visit you would like every from time to time? Why don’t you trigger by getting a journey next time you choose to visit? You may even manage to fit into a weekend adventure trek but nevertheless manage to make see your parent’s house. Take a look at these adventure travels holidays!

If you would like being outdoors and making use of your survival abilities to reside in within the land, try an Australian Walkabout? These allow us recognition since one of the greatest figures in the tv show Lost attempted to consider one. The very first idea of an Australian Walkabout is fantastic for both you and your co-outdoorsmen to go away towards the Australian Outback, while being introduced. When you are creating a walkabout, you’re only residing in the land. You search by yourself food, help make your own shelter from what’s available and undertake any “elements” that may mix your way (weather, creatures, etc). It’s just like extreme camping and supply you with an exciting-natural high.

If you are a fanatic of maximum adventure travels, search for a heat balloon trip somewhere? What about partaking within the whitened-colored water rafting adventure? Maybe you have considered trying Horseriding? Many individuals have a very hurry of delight from skydiving. Certainly you will find places to acquire this carried out lots of urban centers. Through getting a significant adventure vacation, you’ll be capable of go skydiving within the Grand Canyon. Explore the Australian outback from high above, coming – for any heat balloon ride. When you’re opting for the extremes the planet will most likely become your jungle gym. Many extreme travelers are drawn to India, for paragliding. Why don’t you explore the skies?

Possibly you’ve considered going for a offshore fishing trip? For many people, fishing does not enter their brains once they imagine adventure travels. When you’re round the large blue ocean, however, fishing will always be different. Besides wrangling typically bigger ocean food, you’re also coping with the sea elements. Anything could be accomplished, round the sea. The type of deep-ocean ocean food you need to catch can help you determine your trip place. However, if you would like, you may also determine the place using the climate and “home base” scenery. One particular offshore fishing point is Hawaii.